Welcome and Befriending


Welcome and Befriending
Tiffy Allen, City of Sanctuary and Jenny Lansdell, Migrant English Project

When asylum seekers arrive in this country, they are often traumatized, disoriented and fearful. Two of their basic needs are to begin to make friends and to get to grips with learning English.
This workshop will explore what good practice around the idea of ‘welcome’ looks like. We will identify the barriers that exist in the provision of English language tuition, with special reference to the needs of those newly arrived. Drawing on the experience of participants from across the UK, we will look together at ways these barriers might be overcome.


4 thoughts on “Welcome and Befriending

  1. Just to clarify the situation on asylum seekers volunteering.

    All asylum seekers are legally allowed to volunteer.

    There is so much confusion around this issue and recent (April 2014) guidance has made this even more complicated.

    These two statements are on the same page of the latest guidance:

    1. Voluntary work cannot be undertaken by asylum seekers

    2. It is Home Office policy to support asylum seekers volunteering.

    Both statements are technically true but you need to be good at splitting hairs to understand why.

    Sheffield Volunteer Centre Guidance:

    If you are confused please see the guidance on the Sheffield Volunteer Centre website. There is also a letter charities can download and give to asylum seekers who volunteer with them. This can reassure them they are allowed to volunteer and also help educate immigration officials who may not understand the difference either.

    Follow the ‘Refugee or Asylum Seeker’ links to the Asylum seeker volunteering legislation.



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