Sanctuary Pledge 2015

Jonathan Cox, Citizens UK

The Sanctuary Pledge 2010 secured the commitment from Nick Clegg and David Cameron to end the practice of locking up innocent children from our communities in detention centres, such as Yarl’s Wood. Every day since then, three kids are not locked up because of the 500 community leaders who were trained by Citizens UK to work on the Sanctuary Pledge in their constituencies. The experience taught us that positive political change for refugees and those seeking sanctuary is possible, especially at a General Election – but only if pro-refugee campaigners ally with larger civil society groups to generate the power that is needed to pressure politicians to act.

Citizens UK is the largest civil society alliance in the UK, training hundreds of ordinary people how to change the world (or at least their local area) every year, using a 5 step Community Organising method. This workshop will lay out the 5 step Community Organising method and offer the opportunity to get involved in the Sanctuary Pledge 2015 – which seeks to get politicians to commit to doubling the number of refugees resettled in the UK, reducing the spousal visa threshold to the level of the Living Wage, and to radically reform the removals system by putting a time limit on adult detention and the use of pain as a means of restraint.

citizens uk pic

5 steps

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