Practical Action Workshops

7 Practical Action Workshops afternoon 1.30 to 2.30

“How to” workshops, sharing successful experiences, building confidence and pledging action towards building a momentum for policy change.


Workshop Facilitator
Working with the media – Positive Stories Nazek Ramadan and Anne Stoltenberg: Migrant Voice
Working with the media – ensuring accuracy and tackling negative responses Zrinka Bralo: The Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum
Mike Jempson, Media Wise

Engaging MPs Eiri Ohtani: Detention Forum
Mike Kaye: Still Human Still Here
Effective campaigning and working with local councils Estelle Worthington: Regional Asylum Activism
And others from Bristol, Manchester

Methods for Awareness Raising Jess Linton: Refugee Week,
Emma Williams: Student Action for Refugees (STAR)
Using Social Media Jan Brulc: Migrant Rights Network
Lisa Mathews: Right to Remain
Engaging new audiences through the Arts Tom Green: Platforma
Alex Chisolm: ex- WYP and Nine Lives Tour Manager
Celebrating Sanctuary
Sanctuary Pledge 2015: 5 Steps Citizens can take to Secure Social Change at the General Election Jonathan Cox Citizens UK

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