Media – Correcting Inaccuracies


Media – Correcting Inaccuracies -Mike Jempson, Media Wise and Zrinka Bralo, The Forum

What can you do if the print or broadcast media, at local or national level, publish inaccurate, misleading or intrusive material about asylum-seekers, immigrants, migrant or refugees? Although the Leveson Inquiry shed light on abuses of power by the print media no clear system of regulation has emerged to replace the discredited Press Complaints Commission. Some papers belong to its replacement, IPSO, others don’t. Do you know which? And both the BBC and Ofcom seem impenetrable bureaucracies.
Based on more than 20 years experience of assisting people with media complaints, this MediaWise workshop will try to provide insight into how to complain and to whom.
Mike Jempson, a journalist, trainer and university lecturer has been Director of MediaWise since 1996. He ran the influential Refugees, Asylum-seekers & the Media (RAM) Project and is editor of Bristol Globe, a City of Sanctuary publication.

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